Professional Copy Writing

turning your thoughts into words and words into expressions


writer tennille shelley

Unlike the free expression of arts like painting or music, the art of writing for hire is a craft that requires the artist / writer to craft words tailored specifically to you, the client.

The words must flow together seamlessly on the page and ultimately represent the client’s individual voice and the audience you want to reach.

A writer for hire must be an excellent communicator. An ability to listen, ask pertinent questions, provide feedback and respond well to criticism or praise are vital qualities that make up a truly valuable and employable writer.

A writer for hire must be realistic about time and availability, be available to meet deadlines and be flexible and prepared for revisions and reworks.

As a writer for the better part of two decades, I have experience with a variety of different formats. From website content to annual reports, press releases, book summaries, user guides and manuals to ghostwriting, e-books, forewords, and biographies. I craft content only after communicating with you, my client, and coming to a mutual understanding of your goals.

Your words represent you: your personality, sense of humor, accuracy and trustworthiness.

Contact me today for your next written project big or small and let’s give your ideas a voice.