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How to Hire Someone to Write your Business's Web Content

Hiring someone to write your web content can be a big step. It will help you generate traffic and links for your website, but it can be challenging to find the right person at the right price to make the investment valuable. To get the best results, you must be a partner with your writer to ensure the content is top quality and appealing to the customers you want to reach.

If you are paying someone to write content for you, what is your role? What do you need to do to make sure the content is suitable for your site? Here are 5 things to do before, during and after you hire a content writer to supply you with quality content for your site.

1. Determine what kinds of content you want to see. You can have news about your business, specials you’re running, industry news analysis, commentary, interviews, how-to articles, tips, top-10 lists, features on products you sell, short bios of employees and regular customers – the list goes on. Some of these things are easier than others to write, and you may pay more for posts that require more research (such as interviewing an employee or customer or finding out the “how to” so it can be described correctly). As a rule of thumb, those posts that take longer to write are more informative and will generate more traffic and links, making them worth the extra time/cost.

2. Think about search engines. Your content needs to include key words and terms from your business, and writing for SEO can take a little more expertise. On one hand, simply posting plenty of good content about your business is going to naturally result in good key words. On the other, a writer experienced in working in good terms and writing effective headlines is valuable. If your writer doesn’t have this background, you may need to do a little more work to make sure content is optimized for search.

3. Hire wisely. Don’t just find someone who can write – find someone who has professional experience. The person you choose should have familiarity with web content, blogs, examples of blog posts and other writing samples. While it’s not required, finding a writer with a professional background has its benefits. Professional writers have experience writing on a deadline, writing quickly and asking lots of questions to make sure they get it right.

4. For blogs, keep a list of blog post ideas. Use your smart phone or a little notebook in your purse or pocket – whatever you carry with you wherever you go. You may think of something you’d like to communicate to your customers based on a conversation with a vendor, or you may see an ad when you’re out to dinner with your family that sparks a thought. Jot everything down so you have some topics for your blogger to write about. Go over your list during your scheduled meeting.

5. When in Rome, speak like a Roman. Before you hire a professional freelance writer for your website, make sure they have a firm grasp of the vernacular used in your industry. Make lists of well-known words and phrases used in the industry, and make sure that any freelance writer you hire uses them in your content. Research proves that you can connect better with readers (and spider bots) if your language is matched to your industry. So let any prospective freelance content writer know that it's mandatory that they learn and understand the lingo so that the content they create will connect with your readers.

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